About the project

Climate change will impact where and how humans live. As tides rise and storms intensify, humans will be forced to adapt to the changing environment and increase resiliency by learning more about local impacts of rising tides and intensified storms. The Coastal Observer App encourages citizens to become active in monitoring weather and water locally, and will help researchers build a pathway for a sustainable future.

Delaware Sea Grant hosts a series of 15-second science videos for educators and community members.  Here is a 15-Second explanation of the Coastal Observer App featuring University of Delaware researcher Tina Callahan.  

Engaging citizens to monitor weather and water in our changing environment.

2 Ways to Contribute...

The citizen scientists may choose from 2 activities:

1) weather observations to document the current weather and its impacts.

2) water level to document where the water levels are and how this might impact infrastructure, life, or property.


As hurricane season approaches, citizens may want to document their interactions with weather and water.  This UDaily article highlights how researchers developed the app and how it can be used for weather and water observations.